Eid Mubarak and...


wow, it seems like ages since any article was last written on this dusty blog. oh, yes, eid mubarak everyone, no matter who you are, where you are! the team beg for a sincere apology for our mistakes and wrongdoings.

well, it's eid! there are so many things to do during eid! apparently, there are other things that we shouldn't do as well, yet some of us put a blind eye and still do it. hopefully, this post will help to enlighten up some of these things for us not to be repeated in near future.

  1. don't touch what's not yours - well, this sound like things that we have, yes? but, not! i'm talking about shaking hands with those who are not our relatives or those whom we are allowed to touch. beware because it's our aurah, and dignity. so, our deeds are at stake, and Allah is watching. we are allowed to shake hands those who are way older than us. BEAR in MIND! i wrote, WAY older than us, like aunties, grannies, grandpas, etc.
  2. don't just sit at home watching TV- go around, visit people! live up the spirit of Eid! that's the purpose! to connect the relatives, to strengthen our bonds, to meet with long lost friends. you don't get this chance any other time you know.
  3. eid is not about collecting money - well, it's a tradition in Malaysia that we distribute 'eid's money' to kids this time of the year. but kids, that's not the main purpose, the purpose is to visit and strengthen our bonds! some may give you the money, but don't expect! because some may not be afforded to give you one.
  4. don't eat too much! - i know, i  know, eating in eid is like a must! not just eating, but EATING!!! i know that, yes i do, there are so many types of food, rendang, lemang, ketupat, serunding, nasi himpit, kuah lodeh, soto ayam, and so many more. but remember, so do illness :) too much is bad! in Islam, moderate is good, too much is bad. so, be moderate. you can have all those food, but eat only a small portion. gosh, you don't want to ruin the diet (if you did) you had in Ramadhan, do you?
  5. don't drive too fast! - well, i could be categorized among these people. but, this time of the season is also rich with accidents. i know, the word 'rich' is wrongly used in this context, but you get the idea. apparently, it's raining almost everyday in Eid, so please drive carefully, especially on highway. my father said to me 'your car may have a good brakes, but you will still slide when you hit the brakes in rain', so, don't drive too fast. keep this in mind, if you want to arrive fast, so does everyone else, so be safe!
well, these are the things so far... if you have anything else to add, please do so, and leave them in the comments. till then, salam and cheerio!


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