It's just Turbulence on Airplane

Bismillahi walhamdulillah,

It is normal when the plane we board on experiences turbulence; it is the nature of flying on airplane after all. You can never run away from it, nor avoid it. The same goes with our very human lives, at times things may go easy with us, but on the other times, there are times when we get to face its own version of turbulence.

Some people say life is like a wheel, sometimes you get the upper hand, and while others you may get the lower hand. It is as simple as this; in everything you do in life, there are risks waiting for you in the future. Running away is an option, but it never lasts. There are many who stumbled when they got mixed up with this, but fail to stand up again. They are haunted by the reality that they did not manage to endure it, hence traumatized. As a result they would choose to avoid it.

This is why avoiding, running away, and all other terms you may choose to use will never last standing up against the problem. In fact, as the life is like a wheel, it moves in a cyclic manner, hence, avoiding the problem you face will only bring it back to you, but sometimes more complicated and difficult.

Let’s face it, there is nothing in this life that could be achieved without experiencing challenges, problems, obstacles and the list goes on. Even thing as little as eating would be a challenge when you’re a first timer at it, but as time goes by, you’d learn to pickup the tricks and become a pro. One of my good friends told me that, the test given unto a human, measures the distance between him and Allah, the bigger the test, the closer Allah would want you to be with Him. Plus, how we perceive something, as a test from Him would not necessarily be how He perceives it. Meaning, to you something could be just a small matter and not a biggy, but on His sides, it determines who you are and what you’d turn out to be.

Indeed, there are many solutions to the obstacles, it’s only the matter of you searching for it, and applying it.

You can never be alone in this matter, for Allah is everywhere, anywhere. As He has recorded it in the Quran, ‘when My servants ask of me, verily I am indeed close!’, ask of His help. In addition to that, there’s a hadith qudsi where Prophet Muhammad recorded that ‘He is shy to not granting the prayers of those who ask of Him’. I also believe that you have the ones, whom you trusted most, share it with them, as they maybe one of the deliverances Allah has sent unto you. Alas, even if they cannot provide the assistance you need, one thing is for sure, their loyalty is proven, that they are ‘the friends in need are the friends indeed’, who are willing to stand by your side at times of grieves, and rainy days.

Being optimist is one of those things that helps you get through the hard times. There’s a hadith saying, ‘what an astounding situation of a believer, in every situation to him is a goodness, given a relief in life he’d be grateful, being tested he’d be patient, and it is also a goodness’.  Once you believe that Allah knows what best for you and that whatever lies in front of you is not just a mere bad luck, you’d be astounded as how you’d receive everything that is laid upon you.

Go for your dreams and do what is best for your lives, but remember to face your nightmares, as I have always recalled, ‘you will be tested at the point you’re weak at’, this was uttered by the late almarhum KH Ustaz Rahmat Abdullah, from PKS, Indonesia. As I have written, it is just turbulence on an airplane, it’s normal. Once you get through it, everything would be fine.

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