Bismillahi walhamdulillah,

The blog has started as an aspiration from a brother, wanting for articles (of which are beneficial) to be written in English. Both of us are aware that he himself could do this; instead he has asked us to do it. After consulting and discussing with us personally, both of us (the writers) have agreed to his request and then discussed among us, how we could make this possible.

At first, the request is to write a book, unfortunately that is quite too abrupt and both of us cannot make it. Then, there comes the blog idea where we would write and post what we have to share in our minds with you guys. Even at the discussion level, it is not an easy task to do, as we have to decide what, how to write, and even the name of the blog.

Hence, in the name of Allah, here it is; ‘Ordinary People Extraordinary Minds’, we would do our best to write what comes from our heart and knowledge we have learned so it may serve you readers best. We seek guidance from Allah, may He be with us in doing this task, and is counted as the bits and pieces of da’wah efforts.

JazakumUllahu khayran katsiira~

Warm regards,



Mohd Sukri said...

sape la that guy yg suruh buat tu...i wonder.

emir.abu.khalil said...

guess who? =P

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we write from our hearts so we may reach yours, as we endure the life full of challenges, and we choose the Quran and Sunnah as our guidance to live the life

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