A Teacher's Heart

i'm not here for you to love
i'm not here for you to adore
what more, i never ask you to respect
for what i do is only to benefit you

sometimes you hate me for what i say
or you hate me for things i do
but students, my dear students
one day you shall understand

when i say
i try my best only for you best interest
if i punish you, ever
it's because i want you to be better

it's okay if you don't share your love
it's not my intention to get one
it's okay if you don't adore
for i have adored you more
it's okay if you don't pay your respect
for equal has to be paid


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we write from our hearts so we may reach yours, as we endure the life full of challenges, and we choose the Quran and Sunnah as our guidance to live the life

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